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Kyle Keller, the head coach of the Stephen F. Austin (SFA) basketball team, has recently signed a contract extension with the school that will see him stay with the Lumberjacks until 2023. As the team`s head coach since 2016, Keller has led the Lumberjacks to two regular-season Southland Conference championships and two NCAA tournament appearances.

The new contract extension is a testament to the success Keller has had with the team, and it also shows the school`s commitment to continuing that success. The terms of the contract have not been disclosed, but it is expected that Keller will receive a raise from his current salary.

Keller`s success with the Lumberjacks has not gone unnoticed, as he has been praised for his coaching abilities and his ability to recruit talented players. He has also been recognized for his work in the community, as he has been involved in various charitable initiatives and has been a vocal advocate for social justice issues.

The new contract extension is a sign of the school`s confidence in Keller`s ability to lead the team to further success in the future. With his experience and leadership, the Lumberjacks look set to continue their winning ways in the coming years.

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